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Electrical Design / Panels / Controls

Hand in hand from one and the same source

General UBH in-house standard

  • creation of circuit diagrams with EPlan Electric P8,
  • interfaces from EPlan to PLC, switch panel construction, mechanical engineering, purchasing / ERP systems are put to intensive use so as to accelerate and facilitate decision-making
  • verification of required performance levels (acc to EN13849) via Sistema
  • all tests of electrical equipment and switch panels according to DIN VDE 0660-600-1 (EN 61439-1, EN 61439-2)
  • repetitive tests according to accident prevention provision DGUV Rule 3 (previously BGV A3) -  mobile/stationary electrical equipment

Safety technology:

  • regular further training measures for our highly qualified specialist personnel / our service technicians, participation in recurring specialist seminars / in-house training measures
  • safety technology used to date:
    • Profisafe,
    • AS-i-Safety@work,
    • Beckhoff TwinCAT,
    • Jacob Safety,
    • Powerlink (open Safety),
    • conventional (via safety relays)

Projects with the following control systems have already been implemented:

  • Siemens S7-300F, S7-400, Siemens Micro-Box-PC, Beckhoff PC, B&R
  • HMI (Touch Panels) from Siemens, B&R, Proface
  • Drive solutions such as SEW, Lenze, Siemens, B&R, Beckhoff, Interroll etc.

Example for visualisation of one of our control panels in a plant

The standard we work with is Sistema.

One of our electrical designer's workstations showing a logistics project in (ASRS) in EPlan 8

Different project volumes realised so far

Project volume ranging from the smallest retrofit right through to large-scale projects, also as an individual service

  • Electrical planning for external partners, also as an individual service
  • Our daily business also includes integrating updates into our customers' existing plans.
  • Projects in special-purpose mechanical engineering and in intralogistics

Just one example: conveyor/picking system with shuttle warehouse / mail order for electronic components

  • creation of 8,750 pages of E-Plan just for this project alone
  • 75 linear metres of switch cabinets
  • 27 PLC's (CPU319-F)
  • 77 distributed interface modules (Profibus/Profinet)
  • 56 AS-i Safety@work gateways
  • 3,125 AS-i Slaves
  • 230 inverters (switch cabinet installation)
  • 550 decentral power supply units for accumulation roller conveyor systems

Irrespective of the dimension of your project, whether modernisation of an existing system or a new build, or merely electrical planning alone, we would be happy to support your project. Feel free to just contact us.