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IT Logistic Systems

Hardware / Basis:


  • set up on dedicated server hardware or
  • integrated within existing customer infrastructure thanks to the use of virtualised servers
  • application of standard software as a basis:
    • operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2012
    • database Microsoft SQL-Server 2012


  • utilisation of standard client hardware or
  • integration in existing customer's infrastrucure (e.g. terminal server, Citrix)
  • no special requirements - no installation - only web browser necessary

Process concept:

  • modular, scalable set-up of the fundamental process stucture
  • developed with current, professional tools
  • application of state of the art cutting edge technologies
  • central reporting system with archiving

FrontEnd philosophy:

  • design of user interface as a web application
  • use of current, proven cutting edge technologies
    • Apache web server
    • PHP 5.5
    • JavaScript
    • HTML5
  • connection of a wide variety of FrontEnd devices from 30" monitor, via touch-capable workplaces, 15"-, 12"- forklift terminals, right through to 7" handheld devices
  • multi-user compatible, multi-client compatible, multilingual

Example projects

Projects implemented in the last 3 years:   

  • Automatic small parts warehouse with over 100,000 storage locations double-deep
  • Automatic small parts warehouse with 1,100 variable storage fields
  • 4-fold deep to 6-fold deep, divided (26,200 places)
  • Pallet high bay warehouse, double-deep with variable storage allocation (EUR, IND)    
  • Integration of a long goods warehouse with 2,100 channels (load carriers 7 m in length, up to 4,000 kg)
  • Hanging conveyor technology with approx. 80,000 garments on individual adapters   
  • High-bay warehouse with fully integrated supply of production (shop-floor) and  forklift control system for supply to and disposal from assembly lines   
  • Buffer store with in-sequence Just-In-Time provision   

Connection of a wide variety of ERP systems:       

  • SAP (RFC, IDoc)  
  • infor 5, infor 7 (XML interface)
  • intex (File interface)
  • PSIPENTA (database pass-through access)
  • EBV7 (telegram interface)
  • ascara
  • ...    

Integration of a wide variety of peripheral devices:

  • printing, label printers, labelling systems
  • scanners, camera systems        
  • weighing scales and measuring systems       
  • pick-by-light peripheral devices       
  • strapping machines, packing machines, stretch machines
  • including special-purpose machines

It is no longer possible to imagine the present or the future without automatised material handling. 

The range of possibilities is widely diverse - no matter whether hanging conveyor technology transporting individual shirts, car cockpits, complete truck cabs - right through to large pallets carrying enormous weights of several tons which are to be stored in or retrieved from high-bay warehouses.

We can do all these things - conveying your success.